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Here at JBDrumTalk we love what we do. Drumming and producing digital content is part of who we are. However, creating the content and managing our digital platforms isn't free. The team at JBDrumTalk all work full time jobs in the music industry and are doing this on top of their occupations. The drums, cymbals, mics and cameras all cost money to purchase and maintain. Your support is what keeps this channel going and allows us to produce regular and high quality content. If you would like to help us out please consider the options below:

Jump on YouTube and subscribe to our Channel (Also click that bell). You will receive updates and all our video covers and lessons.

Support us on Patreon

We are running a Patreon page. There are some great perks to becoming a member. Free Merch, Discounted Lessons, and much more... Check it out!

Subscribe to JBDrumTalk

Have a look at our Lesson and Course content. There are options for every experience level.

Check Out our Merch

Visit our online store and have a look at our Merch. The shop is regularly being updated with new gear.

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