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Here at JBDrumTalk we understand how important it is to have clear guidance and support as you develop your musical abilities. Too often drummers begin to learn their instrument and struggle to see clear improvement, lack proper instruction on proper technique and control, or have missed the drumming fundamentals that create a basis for development and success. We want to provide you with the tools to help you progress quickly and achieve your musical aspirations. The JBDrumTalk team are qualified Music Educators, with more than 25 years music industry and teaching experience. We have taught and supported 2000+ Studio Lesson students and Classroom students, and have 1000+ professional performances to our name. The team have played with the industry big names, and knows their stuff.  Below is the start of your Drummers Toolkit, a series of lessons that will help you solidify your fundamentals and develop your technique. We are also in the process of developing a number of Online Courses that will provide you with a pathway to reach the pinnacle of your drumming ability (hopefully releasing late 2020). Our team want to get these lessons out to as many students as possible, and have priced them accordingly. We hope you enjoy!

Online Drummers Toolkit

Online Courses


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