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As a team JBDrumTalk is always trying to innovate and improve our YouTube & Lesson production quality and we strive to use the best equipment we can on our current budget. We will always encourage our audience to use the gear that gives them the best results. We don't take sponsorships or endorsements lightly, and will only ever promote equipment that we believe in on our digital platforms. Currently we have partnerships with the following brands. We love their products and thank them for their support.

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Evans Drum Heads Logo.jpg
Soultone Cymbals Logo.jpg

Drum Endorsement - DW Drums

Drum Heads Endorsement - Evans Drum Heads

Drumstick Endorsement - Promark Drumsticks

Cymbal Endorsement - Soultone Cymbals

You can view all of the equipment that we use for our content below. From playing to production, its all there!

Drums & Cymbals

We are currently Endorsing DW Drums and Soultone Cymbals. Its a perfect match between the Design Series Kit and the Natural Prototype Cymbals

Drums & Cymbals

Heads & Sticks

We are currently Endorsing Evans Drum Heads and Promark Drumsticks. Evans has been a reliable industry standard for a long time and provides the right sound for the DW Kit. Our choice for sticks is the Promark Acid Jazz TX718Ws.

Heads & Sticks


We are not endorsed or sponsored for our recording requirements. We choose to use the Sennheiser and Rode Series Microphones. They deliver a clean and vibrant sound, with fantastic clarity. Have a listen in our recordings.



We are not endorsed or sponsored for our visual requirements. We choose to use Canon cameras for most of our recording needs. JBDrumTalk have recently made a push for a higher visual standard in our videos, and the Canon cameras are leading the way.



There are a number of programs listed that we like to use to produce our content. Predominately we use Logic Pro X and Protools for our Audio Recording needs, and Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve for our video editing.

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